Do You Have The Motorcycle Glasses You Need For Night Riding?


Riding your motorcycle at night can be one of the best experiences you have ever been a part of. There is just an unexplainable feeling when you are riding up and down the road during the night. Everything is quiet, and there is stillness in the air that just makes everything feel so peaceful. Well,…

Are Your Prescription Motorcycle Glasses Giving You Problems?


One of the main complaints  that many motorcycle riders have is that the prescription motorcycle glasses they have to wear hurt their eyes. Some prescription motorcycle glasses frustrate many riders. Some of the top complaints are that sometimes they have trouble seeing from them, they have headaches and migraines, ear pain, and irritation of the…

Do You Have Your Pair Of Motorcycle Riding Goggles?


The ability to see while you are riding a motorcycle is extremely important. You always want to be prepared just in case there is an accident, and it is certainly important that you have the right gear, including a jacket and a helmet. It is also essential to have a great pair of motorcycle goggles….

Motorcycle Riding Glasses: Keep It Simple


Motorcycle riders are in a class by themselves. They are their own breed of people; there is just something about them that makes them different from everyone else. It does not matter if they prefer riding on the highway or if they love riding in mud or dirt, their motorcycle becomes part of who they are,…

Don’t Sacrifice Comfort When Wearing Prescription Motorcycle Glasses


If you wear prescription motorcycle glasses, you may have believed that all prescription lenses are the same so it did not matter what kind you selected. However, once you put on a pair of glasses you experienced some blurriness and maybe a headache. Why did this happen? Is there anything you can do about this?…

Motorcycle Riding Glasses And Googles: What Will You Choose?


Having the right motorcycle riding glasses is important for not only style but comfort as well. We know you want to look good while you ride, but you also want to be comfortable, right? There are several things you will need to consider when you are choosing a pair of motorcycle glasses or goggles. You…

Motorcycle Riding Glasses: Be Cool And Be Safe


When you are on your motorcycle, do you always wear eye protection that is suited for motorcycle riding? You want to wear a pair of motorcycle riding glasses that can be worn at any time of day and in any type of riding conditions.  When you are riding your motorcycle, how many pairs of riding…

Is It Time For A New Pair Of Prescription Motorcyle Glasses?


How long have you had your current prescription motorcycle glasses? Since you wear these motorcycle glasses very time you ride, it can be hard for you to determine when it is time to replace those glasses with a new pair. We know that some people are hesitant about replacing their glasses unless they feel it is…

Motorcycle Riding Glasses: Let Your Glasses Do It All


Motorcycle riders are not like other people, they are in a completely different category. It does not matter if they are riding on an open road or if they are racing on a dirt road showing off their new tricks. A biker’s motorcycle is basically a way of life. Whatever equipment and gear that needs…

Motorcycle Riding Glasses: Protect One Of Your Most Valuable Assets


You have one pair of eyes, right? So, the threat of any flying object coming directly at your face is always there, especially when you are taking a ride on our motorcycle. Even if you do not ride your motorcycle every day, you have probably had an object hit you in the face.  Avoiding Injuries Riding…