Bifocal motorcycle riding glasses

Bifocals for motorcycle riding glasses are only recommended if you need help with seeing your gauges and/or street signs.

Motorcycle riding glasses with bifocals

Bifocal motorcycle riding glassesOtherwise it’s better going for single vision due to the fact that you may come across blurriness. Depending on where you segment height is; you may encounter the problem because eventually you will be looking up and down. The bifocal usually start to be your reading prescription at the middle of your pupil.

Bifocals aren’t ideal while motorcycle riding because they aren’t designed for that activity.

While riding you may have difficulties of keeping everything in focus. It may help if you get a lined bifocal that can be put as 5 or 6mm from the bottom of the lens instead. This will put the bifocal out of your field of view.



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