DriveWear Lenses for Motorcycle Riding

DriveWear® lenses were designed as a transitions lens upgrade, to deal with one of the most common complaints associated with standard transition lenses: they do not fully darken behind the windshield of a car or the visor/windscreen of a motorcycle.

Motorcycle Riding DriveWear Lenses

DriveWear Lenses for Motorcycle RidingThis occurs because modern windshields and polycarbonate windscreens are already treated to block ultraviolet (UV) light, and UV rays are the catalyst to which transition lenses respond.

Because DriveWear® lenses react to both UV and visible light conditions, they will darken behind your bike’s visor, and have been embraced as the go-to technology for driving glasses by both the automobile and the motorcycle community.

DriveWear® lenses feature unique photochromic dyes that react to light in both the visible and invisible ranges. They also incorporate polarized filters, which make them ideal for any type of driving at any time of the day. In doing so, DriveWear® lenses combine two of the most advanced, specialized, and modern technologies in the industry: Transitions® Photochromic Technology and NuPolar® polarization.

DriveWear® lenses adjust to light conditions in the following manner:

  • Low Light – DriveWear® converts to a greenish yellow for high contrast vision. Green/yellow offers exceptional glare reduction while making optimum use of available light.
  • Medium Light – lenses adjust to a brownish hue, which offers glare reduction similar to green/yellow but also limits exposure to the heightened light conditions.
  • Full Light – during the brightest conditions and in full direct sunlight, DriveWear® lenses will transition to a darker reddish/brown to provide maximum light reduction.

In addition to covering all light conditions with the superior visual clarity of polarization, DriveWear® lenses also block 100% of the UVA and UVB rays of the sun, meaning that long road trip or all-day bike ride will not expose your eyes to the sun’s damaging ultraviolet radiation.

DriveWear Lenses

Motorcycle riders do need to be aware that tints and mirror coatings interfere with DriveWear®’s ability to operate and are therefore not available. Since DriveWear® actively darkens in response to light, the lack of tint is not much of a sacrifice. Mirrored finishes, however, can be very popular with bikers, and their incompatibility must be factored into any decision to switch to DriveWear® lenses.

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