Motorcycle Glasses for Night Riding

All motorcycle enthusiasts have their favorite time of day to ride. It could be early morning just before dawn, late morning or early afternoon with the overhead sun beating down on you, when the shadows grow long at the calm of dusk, or in the dead of night.

Motorcycle Glasses for Night Riding

Motorcycle Glasses for Night RidingNight riding, in fact, holds a special place in the hearts of many. Zipping along in the light of your single headlight and the come-and-gone stutter of the streetlamps; house window lights zipping by, or none at all, save for distant city lights; purring through an envelope of darkness that feels almost like being underwater.

Night driving, of course, presents special visual challenges. That encapsulating darkness that makes a night ride so exciting also makes it more dangerous, as sometimes all you can see is whatever appears in the cone of your headlight. And once our pupils dilate and our eyes adjust to the lack of natural light, artificial light sources – such as car headlights or bright streetlamps – can be particularly distracting.

It’s important that your safety glasses or goggles are as prepared as you are to handle the night. One way of cutting down on the distortions cast by reflected artificial light sources is to make you have an anti-reflective coating over your eyewear. Whether your goggles or glasses utilize glass lenses or polycarbonate plastic, random reflections are prevalent at night; a good anti-reflective coating removes the sheen from the lens surface and dramatically reduces ambient reflections.

Another option is to go with lightly-tinted lenses in the amber or yellow range. These colors excel at sharpening contrast and assisting with depth perception, two visual traits that are severely compromised in the dark. Yellow or amber lenses also work well at making full use of any available light, even starlight. They’ll enhance your vision on even the darkest, loneliest road, and still provide a level of shade when you’re in town, dealing with background glare and car headlights or taillights.

Several manufacturers produce safety glasses or goggles that are designed to the highest impact-resistant standards. This eyewear is highly preferable to standard goggles or sunglasses for the motorcycle rider, as they protect your vision from all sources of potential damage; dirt, dust, road grime, bugs, branches or other objects you may encounter, etc.

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Companies like Bobster and Wiley X produce special lines strictly to accommodate bikers, with men and women’s fashions in several eyeglass-frame or goggle styles. A favorite of all-day or long-range motorcyclists is any safety eyewear with a changeable lens system, i.e. lenses that easily pop out to be replaced by lenses with a different tint. This allows the rider to convert their eyewear on the fly. It’s a great way to enjoy a ride at any time of the day or night and still be prepared for whatever light conditions you come across.

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