Motorcycle Goggles that Fit Over Glasses

For many motorcyclists, safety glasses are the preferred method of protecting the eyes from wind, irritants, grit, and anything else that the road can throw at them.

Motorcycle Goggles that Fit Over Glasses

Motorcycle Goggles that Fit Over GlassesThey feature wraparound styles and typically appear to the casual observer to be standard sunglasses. This “blending in” aspect is part of the appeal.

For others, however, goggles are the form of eye protection that is synonymous with motorcycle riding. Goggles are a more traditional form of motorcycle equipment, easily provide full and complete eye coverage and protection from the elements, and for many, embody the spirit and mythos of the motorcycle enthusiast. Just as the fighter pilot trades in his sunglasses for goggles when he drops into the cockpit, so does the motorcycle rider when he or she straddles their bike and heads out to the open road.

Goggles are, of course, easy and cheap to obtain if you require no vision correction. For those who do wear prescription glasses, prescription goggles are just as easily obtained, albeit for a higher price. Many styles and options exist for both formats. Yet “prescription” or “non-prescription” versions are not the only two choices available to those shopping for motorcycle goggles. There’s a third option: goggles that fit over your existing glasses.

Fitover goggles are styled to cover your existing glasses, allowing you to utilize the lenses you’re used to and, in the process, save the expense of a pair of prescription goggles. These are not the old-school “bubble” goggles we’re talking about here; modern fitovers conform well to your glasses and disguise them. They present a streamlined, uniform appearance that masks the fact that prescription glasses are being worn underneath. The fitover goggles themselves contain no prescription, which accounts for their affordability.

Shop Motorcycle Goggles that Fit Over GlassesIf you’re unfamiliar with the variety and selection of today’s motorcycle fitovers, you owe it to yourself to shop sites like Brands like Wiley X, Bobster, ESS, and Smith Optics specialize in goggles and even feature entire lines dedicated to motorcycle glasses and goggles. They produce modern styles with state-of-the-art features that also honor the classic roots of motorcycle eyewear.

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