Motorcycle Prescription Sunglasses with Progressive Lenses

Let’s face it. As we age, we can all use a little help from time to time.

Progressive Lenses for Motorcycle Sunglasses

Motorcycle Prescription Sunglasses with Progressive LensesIn the case of our eyes, that help often comes in the form of magnified lenses to assist with the effects of presbyopia. Presbyopia is a condition (usually kicking in at age forty or so) in which the lens of the eye loses flexibility, causing difficulty when focusing on close objects.

If you wear prescription glasses and you’ve experienced presbyopia, you may already have made the switch to bifocals. These handy specs are made with your regular prescription in the upper portion of the lens, to provide clear vision whether you are nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism; the lower portion contains a magnifying area, in whatever strength you require, so that you can focus when you glance down to read, write, or view an object that’s within a foot or two of your eyes.

As a motorcycle enthusiast, your vision requirements cover the entire spectrum. You need long-distance clarity to see the road, the scenery, other traffic; you also need up-close clarity to interpret gauges at a glance, read maps, or see what’s unfolding beneath your bike’s front fork. Perhaps you’ve experimented with ticking your bifocals beneath your helmet visor or a pair of clear bubble goggles. If so, you’ve discovered that slippage, fogging, and clearance issues are limitations that plague this quick fix.

There’s a better way. Prescription motorcycle goggles and glasses are now available in more styles, options, and formats than ever before. You can select a replaceable lens system to chance lens tints on the fly or order prescription lenses in transition or DriveWear® formats, which automatically adjust to changing light conditions. You can choose a model with a foam gasket to block out wind, dust, dirt, and road grime. You can order a frame that provides all the benefits of a form-fitting goggle but looks like a standard pair of sunglasses.

You can also equip most of these selections with progressive lenses. Progressives provide the same basic setup as lined bifocals – an area of standard prescription lens coupled with a magnified lower portion – but do so without the line. The lens changeover in a progressive is relatively gradual and lacks the sharp delineation of a standard bifocal. In some cases you can also order trifocals, in the event that your vision requires two different prescription strengths in addition to the magnified area.

Shop Progressive Motorcycle Prescription SunglassesRx Safety carries several brands and lines of motorcycle-specific riding glasses and goggles that can be outfitted with progressive lenses and prescriptions of every variety. Pick up a pair and enjoy a squint-free read of your speedometer or RPM gauge while you also enjoy the distant vista. After all, you may have more than a few miles on you…but you’ve got plenty more to go. Enjoy every last one with clear vision both far and near.

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