The Five Best Glasses for Night Time Motorcycle Riding


Whether you find yourself riding home from work, going on a trip, or just having a good time, there is a chance you’ll have to do some riding in the dark. Especially as the days get shorter, you need to make sure you have the best possible motorcycle eyewear for the job. As you are…

4 Ideal Environments for Transition Motorcycle Glasses


They say invention is born of necessity. Any time a person needs something bad enough, they are likely to start trying to invent a tool that fits the purpose. this is how eyeglasses were invented in the first place, to help the nearly 50% of the population with less than perfect eyes. Necessity is also…

Why Transition Xtractive Lenses are Ideal for Motorcycle Glasses


For most riders, simply being out on your motorcycle is a unique joy, one that’s hard to explain to inveterate car drivers. The wind in your face and the tight control over your vehicle combine into an exhilarating experience or you can take a sedate drive through the countryside, able to enjoy the clean air instead…

How to Prevent Glasses from Fogging Inside a Motorcycle Helmet


For most people, riding a motorcycle is something they would do only very carefully and in broad daylight on dry streets. However, for the pros, hobbyists, and brave individuals form whom a motorcycle is your primary form of transportation, a little night time or rain certainly isn’t going to stop you from going place to place….

Seven Safety Tips for Motorcycle Riders


Motorcycles are one of the most popular vehicle types in America. They’re fast, fuel efficient, and you can park them practically anywhere. This makes them the perfect bike for students, urban professionals, and road trip enthusiasts alike, but they also come with a certain amount of risk. While it may be fun to feel and lean…

7 Ways to Defog Your Motorcycle Glasses If You Don’t Have Anti-Fog Coating


What would you say is the most dangerous thing that can happen when riding your motorcycle? Potholes disguised as friendly puddles? Inattentive car-drivers trying to merge into your lane? How about lens fogging? When your motorcycle glasses, goggles, or helmet faceplate fog up on the road, you have suddenly entered an incredibly dangerous experience. When…

Care Tips for Your Wiley X Motorcycle Riding Glasses


Most motorcycle owners put a lot of care into their bike. From the polishing of the chrome to winterizing it if you live in frigid areas, motorcyclists are proud of their bike and it shows in the care they give it. If you’re like many motorcyclists, you also take care that you are protected adequately…

Start the New Year Right With New Safety Eyewear


Safety glasses and goggles don’t last forever. Unfortunately, far too many people ignore this fact and continue wearing their motorcycle eyewear long after it should be replaced. Scratches, scuffs, loose arms, and stretched-out bands are all causes for concern that often go unnoticed or at least pushed to the back of the user’s mind. Clearly this…

Riding Your Bike When Snowstorms Strike


Winter is here, and with it comes snow and ice. Unfortunately, this means many motorcyclists will be putting their bikes away for the season. However, those who live in slightly warmer climates may choose to head out for the occasional ride even despite the season. Still, even some of the warmest places in the US…

The Ultimate Checklist for a Multi-Day Motorcycle Ride


Planning your very first multi-day motorcycle ride? Congratulations! Fewer things on this earth are more rewarding and fulfilling that spending entire days traveling hundreds of miles on the open road with your bike. The experience that might seem a bit less gratifying, however, is the planning process. The good news is that this predicament can…