Prescription Motorcycle Riding Glasses for Cloudy Days

Anyone unfamiliar with motorcycles would likely assume that the biker’s favorite kind of weather is the bright, sunny day.

Cloudy Day Prescription Motorcycle Riding Glasses

Prescription Motorcycle Riding Glasses for Cloudy DaysWhat they don’t realize is that a bike ride isn’t anything like driving a car. Direct sunlight causes annoying and distracting reflections – off the bike’s chrome, off the instrument glass, off signs, off cars, off anything. What’s more, a motorcycle lacks the closed environment of a car. That’s one of a bike’s appeals, the openness, the feel of the road…but it also comes with the feel of the sun. A few hours on a metal machine in the direct sun can cause any biker to scramble for a rest stop or the shade of the nearest overpass.

A cloudy day is the preferred weather of the motorcycle drivers I know. Cloudy days are cooler, clearer, and it’s easier to see. Sure, cloudy days can turn nasty and turn into rainy days, but any biker worth his or her wheels isn’t afraid of a little wet weather. And an experienced rider knows the sky like they know the road. They know a steadily grey, overcast sky will protect them from the sun, and they know to seek cover when those clouds darken.

A further assumption can be made that cloudy days are also preferable because one can leave the sunglasses at home. Truth is, riding glasses or goggles are necessary not only to keep out wind, dust, and dirt, but also to provide eye protection in any kind of weather. The UV light of the sun is omnipresent and can do as much damage to our eyes on a cloudy day as on a sunny one. So the biker’s best friend is a well-equipped pair of riding glasses – one that blocks out airborne particles, UV light, sunlight, and houses up-to-date prescription lenses for maximum visual clarity.

If you’re looking for lenses that are ideal for cloudy days, you can order your prescription riding glasses with one of several options:

  • Tinted Lenses – riding glasses are available with a number of different tints and coatings. Lighter colors (yellow, amber, orange, or very light brown) work best to filter out the blue light of a hazy day without screening out too much of it. They also enhance contrast and sharpen acuity.
  • Replaceable Lenses – some manufacturers, including Wiley X, produce motorcycle frames with a replaceable lens system; when light conditions change, you can switch out clear and tinted lenses to accommodate.
  • Photochromic lenses – Photochromic lenses (A.K.A. transitions) will automatically adjust to all light conditions – bright sunlight, cloudy haze, and everything in between – in the presence of UV light. They’ll also revert back to clear when no light is present. Certain variations like DriveWear® lenses will even adjust to non-UV light.

Shop Prescription Motorcycle GlassesVisit Rx Safety to shop the wide selection of available motorcycle eyewear frames. Order a pair today with your choice of lens option described above, and hit the pavement well- prepared for cloud cover.

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