Prescription Riding Glasses or Goggles

Motorcycle enthusiasts are well aware of importance of safety equipment. Whether it’s the helmet you wear or the brakes that stop your ride, you know how critical it is to obtain quality gear and keep it maintained. Anyone who mounts a powerful engine strapped to a couple of wheels is constantly reminded of their vulnerabilities as they scream down the highway!

That safety equipment extends to your eyes. In fact, proper vision may be one of the most crucial aspects of riding. Not only is it important to protect your eyes from dust, wind, dirt, bugs, and anything else the world throws at you at high speeds – it’s also a must that you maintain clear vision while riding. A blinding flash of sun or headlight glare, a lack of corrective eyewear blurring your vision, eye irritation from catching too much wind or a rouge piece of road grit; any and all of these things, occurring at the wrong moment, can spell disaster.

If you wear prescription glasses when you’re off your bike, for any optical condition – nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, etc. – you need that same vision correction when you’re on your bike. In fact, for the reasons described above, you need it even more. And today there are more options for prescription riding eyewear than ever before. Whether you prefer riding glasses or goggles, there are scores of styles, models, and designs for you to choose from, and all available with lenses to match your individual prescription needs.

Several manufacturers specialize in the creation of motorcycle eyewear. Two companies in particular have put years of research and development into crafting glasses and goggles that address all the exposure concerns unique to the biker, and come highly recommended: Wiley X and Bobster.

Bobster and Wiley X produce special lines motorcycle eyewear lines that offer men and women’s fashions in several eyeglass-frame or goggle-frame varieties. One option popular with all-day or long-range motorcyclists is safety eyewear with a changeable lens system; such a system features lenses that are easily removed and swapped with lenses of a different tint. This allows the rider to convert their eyewear as necessary. Another lens option that works well for motorcycle glasses or goggles is a photochromic, or transition, lens that automatically darkens when in the presence of UV light. Both systems allow for a rider to be prepared for whatever light conditions they come across, and both are available on multiple offerings from both Wiley X and Bobster.

Four models of Wiley X motorcycle glasses with changeable lenses exceed the ANSI Z87.1-2003 high velocity impact safety and optical standards and exceed military specifications for ballistic impact protection, all to protect your eyes in the harshest of conditions. They’re low profile in design, high profile in style, and most are prescription ready. Photochromic lenses, also available in any prescription, are offered for even more Wiley X models. The Motorcycle Changeable Series includes:

Wiley X Valor

Wiley X X-1 Advanced

Wiley X Romer3

Bobster carries an extensive line of motorcycle frames, some featuring their convertible eyewear system: a goggle or wraparound frame style that utilizes interchangeable lenses. The Bobster Convertible Eyewear line includes featured options like patented QRS technology, attachable/detachable temple arms and goggle straps, interchangeable lenses in a wide variety of tints and colors, and interchangeable foam inserts. And as is the case with Wiley X, photochromic lenses are optional for a great many other Bobster frame selections.

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