Prescription Wrap-Around Motorcycle Sunglasses

Prescription wrap-around motorcycle sunglasses are a good choice for motorcyclists who want to protect their eyes and have clear vision while riding.  Prescription wrap-around motorcycle sunglasses have many benefits to those who wear them, but some may have difficulty ordering sunglasses that do not distort their vision because of their type of prescription.  Read on to find out whether you should invest in prescription wrap-around motorcycle sunglasses.

Benefits of Prescription Wrap-Around Motorcycle Sunglasses

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Anyone who spends a large amount of time riding their motorcycle should consider investing in a pair of prescription wrap-around motorcycle sunglasses.  Motorcyclists can find numerous benefits to purchasing a pair, such as the following:

Protection from debrisProtecting your eyes from dust, dirt, and other debris while riding your motorcycle will help keep you and your eyes safe while out on the road.

Protection from UV-rays:  The sun gives off harmful UV-A and UV-B rays that can hurt our skin and our eyes.  Wearing prescription wrap-around motorcycle sunglasses can maintain the health of your eyes for a long time to come.

Perfect vision:  Motorcyclists need to have perfect vision while riding so that they can practice safe riding habits and reduce their risk of getting into an accident.

It is no secret that motorcyclists are at risk for fatal injuries compared to drivers.  This is why having good eyewear while riding is crucial in order to keep safe.

Are Prescription Wrap-Around Motorcycle Sunglasses Right For You?

Purchasing prescription wrap-around motorcycle sunglasses can be a challenge for some people due to their prescription.  While technology has come a long way in recent years, some prescriptions in wrap-around glasses can take some getting used to for the wearer.  Here are some things to keep in mind while looking into prescription wrap-around motorcycle sunglasses:

It may take some getting used to:  While some people can adjust to their prescription wrap-around sunglasses, others have more difficulty.

Higher base curves mean more curved lenses:  A lens’s base curve is simply the amount of curvature of the front of the lens.  While a base curve of zero is completely flat, a base curve of eight is much more curved.

There are limits to prescription power in base curves:  If your prescription has a power outside the range of -6.00 and +4.00, chances are that they cannot be made into wrap-around glasses.  If they can be made, it is unlikely that you will be able to adjust to them.

Higher cylinder prescriptions are also a risk:  Those with prescriptions that have high cylinder outside of -2.00 and +2.00 will also have difficulty adjusting to wrap-around frames.

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Choosing Prescription Wrap-Around Motorcycle Sunglasses

Prescription wrap-around motorcycle sunglasses can reduce the risk of accidents by protecting your eyes, but it is recommended that you take your prescription into consideration before committing to these types of sunglasses.



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