Riding glasses for cloudy weather

Motorcycle riders love riding on any type of day, but it’s very important to keep your eyes protected.

Glasses for riding in cloudy weather

Riding glasses for cloudy weatherWhether it’s sunny or cloudy out your eyes should always be kept away from sunlight and UV light. Riding eyeglasses also keep you safe from dirt, dust, and wind. They provide maximum eye protection from any type of weather.

It’s recommendable to add a polycarbonate material to your lenses. Polycarbonate lenses are much more flexible and can absorb flying objects that may impact your lenses more than glass would. A wrap around style will block your eyes more because they curve along the sides of your face.

These are several suggestions that are ideal for cloudy days you may want to look into:

  • Colored Lenses: When the weather is cloudy the day is usually dark. Yellow and clear lenses are perfect for this type of day.
  • Replaceable Lenses: Myeyewear2go carry frames that include replaceable lenses you can easily pop in and out depending on the change of the day.
  • Transition Lenses: Transition lenses are lenses that change from light to dark. Automatically adjusts to UV light, darkening when out in the sun and returning to a clean state when not.

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