Transition Lenses for Motorcycle Riding

There is nothing like riding your motorcycle on the back country roads of America and letting the wind blow through your hair.  Wearing glasses for motorcycle riding not only protect your eyes from the sun but it also protects your eyes from rocks, dirt, dust and wind.  We offer an array of motorcycle glasses that can accommodate prescriptions and different color lens options.

Transition lenses are lenses that change from light to dark when exposed to UV light.  We offer transition lenses in the following colors; Gray and Brown.  Check out our Wiley X Brick, Crystal Metallic Frame.  This frame is tough triloid nylon frame with memory flex, neoprene temple socks, and a symmetrically vented removable facial seal that allows cool air to enter naturally.

Wiley X Brick

You can still look good and protect your eyes while riding your motorcycle.

Happy riding!


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